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Stop student loan interest rates from doubling.

By | Hannah Hutchinson
MASSPIRG State Board Chair

This July, students will see their federal student loan interest rates DOUBLE unless Congress acts. If rates double some of us would pay almost $5,000 more to repay our loans.

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Big Day for Open Education!


Today kicked off two major initiatives for open education: the first annual Open Education Week and the Why Open Education Matters video competition.

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I choo-choo-choose public transit.

By | Brian Moe
WashPIRG State Board Chair

Congress may vote as soon as Friday on a plan to cut all federal money for public transit and spend it on more highways instead. Send a message to your representative today: Invest in our country's public transportation, not our dependence on oil.

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In the annual State of the Union Address, President Obama proposed measures to bring relief to almost 8 million students who will see their student loan interest rates double on new loans starting July 1st, 2012.

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