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Yesterday we released a new report, Transportation and the New Generation: Why Young People are Driving Less and What it Means for Transportation Policy, that shows that young people in particular are decreasing the amount they drive and increasing their use of transportation alternatives.

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We have their attention


Last week we delivered 130,000 letters asking Congress to stop student loan interest rates from doubling in July.

Check out some of the stories from the event:

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Jobs with U.S. PIRG

By | Matt Kozlowski
WISPIRG State Board Chair

I just accepted a job with U.S. PIRG. I’m excited to graduate, and I can't wait to get to work.

Stop student loan interest rates from doubling.

By | Hannah Hutchinson
MASSPIRG State Board Chair

This July, students will see their federal student loan interest rates DOUBLE unless Congress acts. If rates double some of us would pay almost $5,000 more to repay our loans.

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